Grayton Beach

    This is some text!Grayton Beach has a magnetizing energy all it’s own. The first official South Walton community, the motto here is “Nice Dogs, Friendly Folks”. From the Arts, music, funky shops, to great food, and good times, Grayton Beach is the place to unwind and be yourself. The well­known Red Bar is located here, as well as Grayton Beach State Park where you can charter a fishing boat, with an opportunity to catch red snapper, grouper, triggerfish and more, rent a cabin or go camping. [read more=”Read more →” less=”Read less ←”] Grayton Beach State Park borders three major dune lakes, Western Lake, Alligator Lake and Little Redfish Lake and encompasses over 2000 acres with a total of 59 campsites and 30 two­bedroom cabins. At Grayton Beach you can shop in a variety of art galleries, and eclectic shops and dine out in some of the areas best restaurants. Grayton Beach is known for taking pride in the natural surroundings. Grayton Beach is only one of two areas where 4WD vehicles are allowed to drive on the beach, with permits of course. Grayton Beach real estate comes in a variety of sizes from large estate

    properties to bungalows, and florida cottages. Privacy­seekers will love the privacy this area provides. Recent additions such as up­to date beach homes with all of the bells and whistles make this the perfect spot to purchase your next vacation home or permanent residence. Grayton Beach Communities Include Grayton Beach and The Preserve at Grayton Beach[/read]